Mobile visits (Calgary) or remote Reiki anywhere

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Reiki is a hands on (unless that causes the animal distress) healing method where universal life force energy passes through the hands of the Reiki practioner to the animal. Reiki goes where it is needed the most, so the practioner merely facilitates the process by being a conduit for the energy to pass through to the animal.

Animals are naturally very receptive to the universal life force energy that we call Reiki, and usually respond well to sessions. It goes where it is needed the most so the results can be different than what we expect sometimes.

Reiki is never meant to take the place of primary veterinary care, but it can aid in speeding up healing, ease symptoms, promote healing, reduce stress and anxiety, relax and soothe the pet and provide many benefits. Reiki can be provided during surgery, either in person if the vet allows it, or through distance reiki at the time the operation is taking place.

For a gravelly ill pet, Reiki could possibly provide a smooth, calm transition to passing, or help in healing – whichever is best for that particular animal.

Those who have experienced a Reiki session do not need to be convinced that it has many beneficial outcomes. Ultimately it provides very deep relaxation and can promote good sleep, if nothing else.

People are welcome to book a Reiki session for themselves as human clients are always welcome as well. Not all Reiki practitioners are animal lovers, and it would be a disservice to pets if they are not approached with the same love we feel for humans during a session.